There are so many photo sharing sites and social networks now that it seems like everyone is using a different one. What if you just want to look at everyone’s photos without visiting site after site?

That’s where LiveFrame comes in.

We created LiveFrame when we couldn’t find a digital photo frame on the market that made it easy or affordable to share recent photos with family living far away. When we started using LiveFrame ourselves, we realized that it helped us revisit photos and memories from the past and gave new purpose to old, underused and charging devices.

Why use LiveFrame to view your photos?

  • It’s NOT another social network. No need to sign up or be signed up!
  • View photos from all your friends and family in one feed – even if they use different sharing sites or social networks.
  • You control the show: View only the most recently updated photos, or dig into the past to be reminded of the good old times! Learn more…
  • Put your old, unused, or charging iPad to work by displaying a beautiful stream of photos in your home or office.