Making it Yours

By default, LiveFrame is set up to display recent photos from your friends and family – those uploaded in the last week. If you find that this is too many photos (or too few!), you can customize your feed in several ways.

Option 1: Stay Current

  • To stay up-to-date on the newest photos that have been posted, you can select ‘Day’ to view only photos that have been uploaded in the last day.

Option 2: Look To The Past

  • To start digging further into the past, select ‘Month’, ‘Year’ – or even ‘All’ – you might find yourself surprised by all the fun memories you have forgotten about!

Option 3: Pick and Choose

  • To view photos from a specific person (or group of people) or a specific album (or albums) choose ‘Custom’ and select the users and albums you would like to include in your feed.

Pro Tip: The ‘Custom’ feature is great for creating a slideshow for a wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, birthday party…or any other special occasion! Simply select the albums you want to view, and let it play throughout the event.

Have you chosen the photos you want to see and started your slideshow? Learn about the different viewing settings available here.