Tap the screen to pause or resume playing your photo feed. When paused, you will be able to access the settings options.

Slide intervals: Change the length of time each image is shown. View each picture for 1 seconds up to 30 minutes.

Photo transition: Change the transition between the photos. Transition photos by fade, pan and zoom, or no transition.

Aspect ratio: Change the aspect ration of the photos in the slideshow. If the photo size doesn’t match orientation of the device you can choose to put a blurred background behind the photo, crop the photo, stretch the photo, or do nothing.

Filter: Add a photo filter to your photos! Available filter options depend on device and iOS version.

Photo Order: Order photos in the slideshow by ascending or descending order. Not all photo sources can be ordered, but this setting will order then accordingly when possible!

This setting also allows you to shuffle the slideshow display – turn the shuffle setting on to mix things up a bit!

Photo Captions: Display the photo descriptions, or filenames on screen while the slideshow is in progress.

Clock: Display/customize the clock/date overlay to display time & date, or just time. Also customize to 12h or 24h clock display.

Weather: Stay up-to-date with the weather conditions while your slideshow is in progress! Display the weather forecast for your location in F or C.

Auto Shutdown: Select a time for the slideshow to stop and the iPad to power down, or select a time range where the slideshow pauses and the device screen dims until it is time to wake up and restart the slideshow automatically!

Check for new photos: LiveFrame automatically checks for new photos at the end of each slide show. You can turn this feature off to eliminate down time in your feed – and turn it back on when you are ready to check for new photos.

Diasble Lock Screen: Usually your device screen will shut off after a few minutes to conserve power, but since LiveFrame turns your device into a photo frame we don’t want the screen to shut off while you are using it. However, the screen will shut off to conserve power if the show is paused unless you turn the Disable Lock Screen setting ON.

Photo Resolution: Choose to display photos in their maximum resolution or a reduced resolution.

Pro TipLiveFrame works in landscape or portrait mode, so you can set it up however you prefer!

We want to stay focused on LiveFrame’s simple purpose – bringing your photos to life – but that doesn’t mean we won’t be adding more opportunities to customize and fine-tune your feed. Contact Us with your feature suggestions!